10 PPC Tricks and Tactics to Try

Does it matter if you have disregarded your New Year goals for 2013? You can always use the rest of the year to make your PPC advertising rentable. There are plenty of tips and tactics that you can use to increase your CTR, draw more clients, cut costs and increase conversions. Here are 10 tips for PPCs which we believe you should try in 2013.

1. Use your simple redirecting traffic techniques

It doesn’t matter if you are creating traffic using SEO, social networks or forums. With a PPC reorientation effort, you should also use these techniques for greater publicity exposure.

2. Using preparation advertising

Set up the monitoring needed to log in when your income comes in. Then schedule your ads to block the days and times you don’t convert clicks to. To see how it works, start buying clicks only during the most lucrative days and hours.

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